On behalf of Garioch CSH, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year, and hope the festive period was an enjoyable one for you all. This post is an update on the progress on the Hub over the past few months, and how we see 2016 progressing.

The last meeting was on 2 December 2015. This replaced the originally scheduled November and December meetings. The minutes for the December meeting will be available soon on the Minutes section of this website.

The last course we ran was the First Aid course in November, First Aid for Sport, delivered by Stuart Gordon of First4Aid Ltd . This was fully booked, and attended by members of a number of affiliated clubs, across a range of sports. The course and its organisation received very positive feedback from those who attended.

Kieran Buxton, Vice-Chair, who organised the course, commented: “We are encouraged to see another full First Aid Course, our second of the 2015, from affiliated clubs who recognise the importance of a strong club infrastructure, including an adequate number of sufficiently trained committee members or volunteers.”

“We will continue to monitor the interest of affiliated clubs and partners for further subsidised First Aid courses, along with Child Protection Courses, as we have also provided this past year. However, 2016 will see our focus turn to promotion of our affiliated clubs in line with our strategic Action Plan. This follows the initial stage of ensuring adequate training provision for affiliated clubs.”

In 2016, we plan to strengthen our already close ties with the Garioch Sports Centre, who have been, and continue to be a fantastic supporter of the Hub and our objectives. We also intend to continue working with Andrew Watson, CSH Officer at Aberdeenshire Council.

I can also confirm that, following the ratification of our SCIO application at the December meeting, we will be submitting this in the next month, once the finalities of additional paperwork are carried out.

As part of the focus on promotion, we have pencilled in a Sunday afternoon in May to hold a promotion event for our affiliated clubs to offer taster sessions to the public at the Garioch Sports Centre.

Further details of other initiatives will be posted in due course. If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact info@gariochcsh.org.